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Paul Beasley-Murray

The way of being to which pastors are called is a way of ‘becoming’. There is an inner dynamic of growth and development. There is nothing static about the Christian life. We are travellers engaged on ‘the long walk’ to God. This phrase came to mind when I was thinking ...

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Who Stole My Pastorate?

Steve Ingram

Jonas knew he was in trouble, but was confused about how it had happened. He was fifty-eight years of age and had been pastoring for the last twenty-three, but he was now feeling completely out of his depth. His church was unhappy with his leadership and his preaching. He had ...

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Imagination & Fun? A New Kind of Theology

Mark Tanner

As I write this we have just finished one academic year at Cranmer Hall in Durham and are starting the next. This summer we welcomed new candidates for ministry and have sent out twenty five or so newly trained clergy to serve the Lord and his church around the world… ...

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Multi-Ethnic Worship

David Wise

Amrit Vani Teri, Amrit Vani Teri came the sung call from the worship leader seated on the floor: Amrit Vani Teri, Amrit Vani Teri came the reply from the congregation, many of whom were also seated on the floor. In the background the drone of a sitar could be heard ...

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Is God On Our Side?

Richard Dormandy

Recently, in our church, we sang a fairly new song by Ben Cantelon, one of the hallowed songwriters of the i-worship generation. Apart from having to rid myself of the image of a national daily newspaper each time we repeated the words “My Guardian”, it’s a great anthem with a ...

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Lessons from the New Zealand Church

Derek Allan

I must begin with a disclaimer: I am not an expert on the church in New Zealand and what follows is based on my personal experience and impressions from eight years as senior pastor of one Baptist church. My comments will inevitably be coloured by the fact that most of ...

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What Can We Expect from Children in a Church Community?

Lorna Jenkins

How much spiritual insight might we see from children who are growing up in the community of the church? I suspect it is a great deal more then we expect or encourage. Some parents and leaders seem to think that children will be spiritually inactive until well into their teenage ...

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Seven Virtues for Retired Ministers

Keith Clements

1. Thankfulness No matter how much or how little we have done, we have all received much more than we have ever been able to give. With the end of full-time ministry of any kind comes the end of the need to ‘prove ourselves.’ No doubt many times we have ...

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