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Votewise 2015: Making a Difference at the Ballot Box & Beyond

Author: Guy Brandon
Published By: SPCK (London)
Pages: 188
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 978 028 1071 784

Reviewed by William Ruddle.

In 2009, Ministry Today reviewed the previous incarnation of this book and called it, “An excellent introduction to the key issues we face…radical and relevant whatever your views.” This reviewer can do nothing but concur with this opinion with the 2014 edition.

Brandon starts by giving a brief but well-reasoned argument for why Christians of all political persuasions should be actively involved in politics, both local and national. He liberally smatters his work with biblical references, and current quotations from some of the movers and shakers in our world (e.g. Desmond Tutu, Bill Clinton).

He moves on to address ten of the current political ‘hot potatoes’ in the UK political arena, including the NHS, Immigration and UK debt levels. Whichever issue most ignites your thinking, you will be left wishing he had unwrapped his themes further. However, this is no bad thing in a Christian political primer and, having whetted the appetite, I also wished he had provided a further reading list. That said, to cover ten political issues, an introduction to theology and politics, and more, in 113 pages, is no mean feat. His brevity commends his work to people of all levels.

The book concludes with Christian representatives of five of the main political parties in the UK making their case for why they joined their particular party. They are, I guess, by nature somewhat jingoistic and tribal, which does alter the flavour of the book towards the end in a way which I did not find inspiring. But then, that is the problem with many of our politicians today and should not be held against Brandon.

Whether you have a cursory interest in politics, but sense the need to be more informed for the upcoming electoral cycle, or whether you plan to get your church involved in hosting a political husting, this book is a very helpful jumping off place and is to be recommended.

William Ruddle

Baptist Minister currently working as a hospital chaplain

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