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Assets of MTUK

Launched in March 1994, the aim of Ministry Today UK is “to be a supportive resource for all in pastoral leadership, so that they may not only survive, but also grow and develop, becoming more effective in the ministry to which Christ has called them”.

1. A gifted and experienced Board of Management

Managing the affairs of Ministry Today UK is an ecumenical board of eight ministers: three are Baptist, three are Anglican, one is Methodist and one is from the URC, all of whom have a long track record of excellent pastoral ministry. They bring creativity, incisive thinking, wide and long experience, varying theological viewpoints, and an ability to work together harmoniously even when they don't agree theologically with one another.

2. An appreciative membership

Initially Baptist in origin, Ministry Today UK has become a cross-denominational network for ministers and church leaders interested in

  • Exploring the new challenges of mission
  • Sharpening their ministry skills
  • Gaining new insights into pastoral care
  • Reflecting on the practice of ministry
  • Growing as a person
  • Developing as a professional

Like the Board, our members come from the main-line Protestant denominations.

3. A unique journal with a proven track record of excellence 

Ministry Today UK is the only British ecumenical journal devoted to the practice of ministry, containing a wide variety of articles as also a huge array of book reviews. First published in Spring 1994, we continue to produce three editions per year (Spring, Summer and Autumn).

Ministry Today UK is also sent to members of the College of Baptist Ministers.

More than a dozen libraries in Britain subscribe to Ministry Today, four of them Anglican (Chelmsford Diocesan; Sarum; St John’s, Nottingham; St John’s University, York), one Assemblies of God (Mattersey Hall), five Baptist (Bristol, Regent’s Park, Scottish, South Wales, Spurgeon’s), one Nazarene (Manchester); one Presbyterian (Union Theological College, Belfast) and one Salvation Army (William Booth College).

Four overseas libraries also subscribe: International Baptist, Amsterdam; Gordon Conwell Seminary; King’s University; and Life Pacific College.

4. A well-managed web-site featuring a unique resource for British pastors

With the exception of the last three issues, all the past issues of Ministry Today are available electronically. The three most recent editions are only partly available online, with the intention of encouraging others to subscribe and thus receive the hard-copy journal.

The web-site also features a powerful search facility for all the past issues of the journal. As a result, it has become what is probably the most comprehensive online resource for pastoral wisdom and experience.

5. An annual interactive consultation

Held at Pleshey, the Retreat Centre of the Anglican Diocese of Chelmsford, this consultation is an opportunity for ministers of all denominations to come together for encouragement, fellowship and to explore a wide variety of issues relating to pastoral ministry.

6. A healthy bank balance

We are funded through a combination of subscriptions (which remain at just £20 per annum if paid by standing order) and generous donations.

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Who Are We?

Ministry Today aims to provide a supportive resource for all in Christian leadership so that they may survive, grow, develop and become more effective in the ministry to which Christ has called them.

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