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Introducing Science & Religion: A path through polemic

Author: Gillian K Straine
Published By: SPCK (London)
Pages: 130
Price: £10.99
ISBN: 978 0 281 06873 9

Reviewed by David Parsons.

This book deserves to take its place alongside and at the forefront of other good books which deal with the growing debate about science and religion. It focusses particularly on the Christian aspect of the debate.

The range of topics covered is unique and the author has not assumed that readers have in depth knowledge of either science or religion. For all that, the topics are dealt with at sufficient depth to inform the reader about the breadth of issues around science and religion and the leading protagonists in the debate. For those who wish to explore the debate further, the book is an excellent starter; for those already exploring the debate, the book will identify gaps in knowledge; and for those who just want a better grasp of the issues it is adequate by itself. Almost amazingly, all this is held together in just 130 pages!

Central to the purpose of the book is the aim to replace polemic with dialogue and explore how this may be done in any one or all of a number of ways. Refusing to be hung by her own petard, the author assesses the stance of the different protagonists graciously but objectively, and succeeds in demonstrating that no one needs to choose between science or religion.

The breadth of the book reflects the author's breadth of life experience and education. Her roles in life have ranged through physicist to parish priest and wife and mother, qualifying her well in what she writes. I am confident we shall hear more from her and look forward to reading what she will undoubtedly offer in the future.

David Parsons

Retired Baptist Minister

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