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Look Well to This Day: A year of daily reflections

Author: Tom Gordon
Published By: Wild Goose Publications (Glasgow)
Price: £13.50
ISBN: 978 1 84952 301 1

Reviewed by Terry Hinks.

Tom Gordon derives the title of his collection of daily readings from a well known poem by Rabindranath Tagore, that talks of “today well lived” and ends with the words “Look well, therefore, to this day.” He prays that “these modest offerings might help you live the occasional day a little better”. 

It is difficult to argue with that intention and certainly there is material within this collection to stimulate, challenge and encourage people of faith and no faith. Tom Gordon draws from personal experience, writings from many sources, stories and biography to explore a different theme each day. There are Bible stories and references on some days, but by and large this is a much broader collection of material.  For some that may be a deficiency, for others a positive. My own feeling was that the material varied quite considerably – from profound and insightful to mundane, even prosaic. Writing 365 short reflections is no easy task. There were times when one felt that the author lacked material or inspiration, and was thrown back on quoting from previous prayers and poems he had written. Definitely a mixed bag, but with some real treasures in there (and a useful index to help you find them).

Terry Hinks

United Reformed Church Minister and Ministry Today Board Member

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