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Paul Beasley-Murray

Should we still visit people in their homes? Although minister of one of the larger Baptist churches in England, I still believe in visiting people in their homes. I know that, for some of my peers, this is viewed as ‘small church’ mentality, with the result that they delegate the ...

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Digital Faith

David Faulkner

In March 2007, Andrew Graystone, Director of the Churches’ Media Council, said: Many church leaders are blissfully aware that there is a revolution under way that’s every bit as radical as the invention of the printing press. Five years from now, we will either have learnt to minister in a ...

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Psalm 121: A Funeral Sermon

Paul Beasley-Murray

I can’t remember when Alan and Alison first began to attend our church - it must have been toward the end of the last millennium. That sounds light-years away, but in fact it was only seven years ago! What I do remember was visiting Alan at the London Chest Hospital ...

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The Missing Leg

David Shosanya

If ministry matters, then it is important to ask what in particular about ministry really matters, and what does not really matter. It is also important to ask to whom it matters, and why it matters. This is particularly important as it is so easy to lose a sense of ...

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Some Ministers Do It Trans-Locally

Sheila Martin

Editor’s note: This article is specifically about trans-local ministry in a Baptist context. However, much of the author’s reflections have relevance to others in similar roles in other denominations. Your Editor is himself a Parish Development Adviser to the Diocese and shares many of same joys, frustrations and concerns as ...

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Poetry, prophecy & preaching

David Cornick

(This is a version of a paper first given to the United Reformed Church’s National Lay Preachers’ Consultation in 2002) 1. The nature of preaching In 1941 Herbert Henry Farmer wrote one of the great works of Reformed spirituality, The servant of the Word. [1] It is about the work ...

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Church Growth, Mission & Healing of the Social Fabric

Michael Johnson

This paper considers the perspective that growth and mission can be achieved by working with others outside the Church where “social healing” or healing of the social fabric is necessary for the society (or locality) to return to a state of well-being. It starts with an international campaign that connected ...

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Short Notes

Paul Beasley-Murray and Alun Brookfield

Short Notes January 08 Commentary on the New Testament use of the Old Testament (Apollos, Nottingham, 2007; 1239pp; £29.99 hardback; ISBN 978 1 84474 196 0), edited by G K Beales and D A Carson, with contributions by some eighteen scholars, is a new type of commentary in which every ...

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