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Chris Skilton

Archdeacon of Lambeth and Board Member of Ministry Today

Understanding the elderly – a theological reflection (Issue 64)

I have noted in funeral ministry over the years an increase in printed orders of service with a picture of the deceased on the front cover. It raises the question ‘What picture of you would you want on the front cover for your funeral order of service – and why?’ ...

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Chronic Illness & the Local Church (Issue 41)

In this article I want to chart some of the actors in our society and in our churches that make life hard for those who bear a chronic illness and to outline some of the realities of life for those who suffer them. In a second article to follow I ...

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And what do you do? (Issue 38)

Jane is well-known for her skill as a piano player and arranger of music, (which she does semi-professionally); Kevin played football to a high standard at amateur level; Jason is a primary school teacher whose work a recent Ofsted inspection at his school described as “outstanding”; Millie is a well-organised ...

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Saving the Church or Saving the World? (Issue 34)

Archdeacon of Lambeth and member of the Board of Management of Ministry Today The title appears to present a pair of alternatives. Could it imply a church engrossed in internal divisions and disagreements about trivia whilst the world gets on with its business, able to leave religion happily playing in ...

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