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This is it - The art of happily going nowhere

Author: Maurice Fullard Smith
Published By: Darton Longman and Todd (London)
Pages: 95
Price: £5.95
ISBN: 978 0 232 52693

Reviewed by Steven Henwood.

This is an interesting little book which may appeal to some but annoy others. The author makes a plea for individuals to find quiet and rest. It is a spiritual book rather than a specifically Christian one. Fullard Smith suggests that we have everything inside us for life’s journey of self discovery (p.17). I worked through looking for references to God and found the first one on page 67. This is where we are told if the God-word bothers us we should interpret as Great Other Dimension. Some may be happy with this, but this reviewer found it unhelpful and the message of the book unsatisfactory.

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