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Thirst for Life

Author: various authors
Published By: Darton, Longman and Todd (London)
Pages: 104
Price: £4.95
ISBN: 0 232 52721 0

Reviewed by Luke Penkett.

The CAFOD/Christian Aid Lent Book for 2008 enables us to draw closer to our Lord throughout this season through reflections, meditations and prayers based on each day’s lessons from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.

Details of the Common Lectionary are given for every day so that the reader can join fully with other Christians at this time in their reading of the Bible.

The writers (Chris Chivers, Anthea Dove, Mary Grey, Robert Kaggwa, Nicholas Sagovsky and Hugo Slim), both lay and ordained, come from a wealth of different traditions, yet the book works surprisingly well as a whole since their ecumenical faith has produced a cohesive work that challenges our individualistic lives and the life of the world itself.

The book ends with two brief appendices, describing the work of the two charities.

Luke Penkett

Monk and Priest working with L'Arche Community

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