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Karl Barth & Evangelical Theology: Convergences & Divergences

Author: Sung Wook Chung (Editor)
Published By: Paternoster (Milton Keynes)
Pages: 282
Price: £14.99
ISBN: 978 1 84227 354

Reviewed by Steven Henwood.

Many theological students are introduced to the writings of Karl Barth at undergraduate level. The problem for many a student is how to find the time and energy required in order to plough through his writings. Many of us relied on what others wrote about him in order to prepare for examinations.

This book, written by twelve mainly north American scholars, seeks to introduce the great man’s theology in a readable and non technical way. Barth’s major concerns such as election, revelation, justification eschatology and the Bible are covered.

This is a useful introduction. I think a chapter setting Barth into the world of his day would have been useful introduction for those embarking on studying his works, along with suggestions as to how to start reading his Church Dogmatics. Having said that, the chapters are excellent, readable and will give the reader the tools necessary to explore Barth’s writings further.

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