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Paul Beasley-Murray

Observing the Principle of Sabbath Relaxation is part of being a man or woman of God. To be a person of compassion is not necessarily to be strung out by every human need that comes along. Sometimes ‘No’ needs to be said in order that caring can continue. The Greeks ...

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Why We Shouldn't Commemorate World War 1

Richard Dormandy

Editor's note We're publishing this article earlier than usual because we feel that many colleagues will find it helpful to our thinking and reflection as we prepare for another Remembrance Sunday and especially the 'commemoration' of the start of World War I.

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Safer than a Known Way

Tim Marks

Sarah looked at me rather fiercely and demanded: “What do you really want to happen?” I felt a little nonplussed and demurred: “But you’re hiring me to teach your clergy leadership skills. This is about your vision for the diocese”. Sarah was having none of it. ”You’re teaching leadership skills ...

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God Is Not Arbitrary

Philip Joy

In response to Alun Brookfield's excellent piece of biblical exegesis in the previous edition, I offer the opposite approach to the LGBT issue. Where he began with our Bible-reading and challenged our theology, I would like to begin with our theology and challenge our Bible-reading. This concerns a question which ...

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Resolving Difficulties in the Local Church

Terry Calkin

The greatest challenge to the church comes not from outside, but from within – discord among its members. The source of this problem is always the same – the self or ego. One side wants this, and the other side wants that. It’s how all wars begin, and the church ...

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Hedgehog's View on Marriage


I used to provide prickly thoughts for this august journal, but decided to retire some years ago. However, I now find there are new subjects causing my prickles to rise, and, not being the kind of hedgehog who curls up into a little ball and waits till the source of ...

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