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Philip Joy

Specialist in Old Testament narrative and typology

God Is Not Arbitrary (Issue 62)

In response to Alun Brookfield's excellent piece of biblical exegesis in the previous edition, I offer the opposite approach to the LGBT issue. Where he began with our Bible-reading and challenged our theology, I would like to begin with our theology and challenge our Bible-reading. This concerns a question which ...

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Christians, Music & the Digital Age (Issue 59)

Is it right for a Christian to download free music or videos from YouTube? Probably of far greater concern to the Lord Jesus than our present muddle over the rights and wrongs of Gay monogamous relationships is the issue of audio piracy among the people of God – basically: theft, ...

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Creation & Evolution - two book reviews (Issue 48)

[This article is an exploration of the current debate about creationism and Darwinian evolutionary theory. It takes the form of two book reviews in one: Should Christians Embrace Evolution? by Norman C Nevin (Editor) IVP 2009; 220pp; £9.99; ISBN 978 1 84474 406 0 Theology After Darwinby Michael Northcott and ...

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