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Seriously Funny: More musings between two good friends on life, love & God

Author: Adrian Plass and Jeff Lucas
Published By: Authentic (Milton Keynes)
Pages: 177
Price: £8.99
ISBN: 978 1 85078 967 3

Reviewed by Philip Joy.

I have never really had time for Christian humour, though I enjoy good stand-up comedy. So, skeptic that I am, I thought I would see how many times I: a) laughed out loud; b) sniggered/smiled in mild amusement; c) nodded at their wise words; d) groaned or e) wanted to put the book down with sheer boredom.

Well I wanted to do (e) all the way through, but as I say I’m a skeptic; maybe they are just not funny in print. The topics covered included: funny incidents; religiosity; the scandal of honesty; the expectation of an all-Entertaining God; guidance; what is acceptable in humour; the impossible physical stamina required for orgies; doubt; tea as a remedy for doubt; why Jesus wept; getting old and dying; the love of money; living in the now; lodgings of note when ‘on tour’; why God’s never there when you need him most (at this point the book touches on child-abuse and becomes surprisingly heavy, though not badly handled); memories of school; encouragers in the ministry of humour; Aunt Mab’s bust, fortunately corseted; and finally, the Nice-ness of God. The results of course are completely scientific.

a) Laughed out loud – twice; b) Sniggered/smiled in mild amusement - nine times; c) Nodded at their wise words - seven times; d) Groaned – only twice. So there you go. Ah yes – the funniest man in the world is – Ken Dodd (that’s a matter of opinion. Ed).

Philip Joy

Specialist in Old Testament narrative and typology

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