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Paul Beasley-Murray

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Leaders Who Develop Community

Tim Marks

“If we had noticed that the young men of the present day found it harder and harder to get right answers to sums, we should consider that this had been adequately explained the moment we discovered that schools had for some years, ceased to teach arithmetic” (C S Lewis: On ...

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Exploring the D-Word

James Ashdown

On July 1, 2012 I was licensed as a Reader in the Church in Wales at Brecon Cathedral. It was a positive and happy experience, with friends and family and members of the churches from where I live swelling the congregation. I did, however, managed to delay the final procession. ...

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Regional Ministry Fridge Magnets

Geoff Colmer

In 2000 I took a sabbatical and, among other things, wrote an article for ‘Ministry Today UK’ reflecting on pastoral ministry. I gave it the title My Collection of Fridge Magnets. Subsequently, I used it as the basis for a talk for ‘Ministry Today UK’ at the Baptist Union of ...

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Inviting a Response

Jonathan Roberts

As a Salvationist I am quite accustomed to the sight of someone walking forward at the end of a sermon in response to an altar call – also known as an appeal or an invitation. It has been part of Salvation Army worship since the movement’s beginnings in 1865. William ...

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Facebook & other social networks

Martin Hills

We are living in an age of instant communication, an age where we no longer talk on the telephone, but prefer to text. It’s an age in which we have traded books for ‘Google’, and rather than buying music on vinyl or compact disc, we now download it in an ...

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Making Sense of the Census

Peter Brierley

(This article contains four numerical charts which, unfortunately, we are not able to reproduce within this website. If you would like a hard copy of this article, please subscribe to the Journal, or, for a MSWord version, please email the editor at: Thanks, and apologies for any inconvenience caused.) ...

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Book Reviews

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