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Geoff Colmer

Regional Ministry Fridge Magnets (Issue 58)

In 2000 I took a sabbatical and, among other things, wrote an article for ‘Ministry Today UK’ reflecting on pastoral ministry. I gave it the title My Collection of Fridge Magnets. Subsequently, I used it as the basis for a talk for ‘Ministry Today UK’ at the Baptist Union of ...

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My Collection of Fridge Magnets, or Learnings from Ten Years in Pastoral Ministry (Issue 21)

(The author of this article is a regular contributor to Ministry Today, so, when he took a sabbatical after 10 years in ministry, we asked him to allow us to share his reflections on those years) I'm a Filofax person. And that's an understatement! Not only do I have sections ...

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Worship - a Musician's View (Issue 11)

As I reflect as a musician on my view of worship, I realize that my experience of worship, and music in worship, goes back a long way. The majestic organ viewed from the gallery at Barking Baptist Tabernacle is one of my first memories of church as a child. Actually, ...

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