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Paul Beasley-Murray

Pastoral Care Today I have in front of me a beautifully-presented copy of Pastoral Care Today: Practice, Problems and Priorities in Churches Today (published by CWR, Farnham, Surrey, 2000; ISBN 1 85345 169 X), an interim report from a survey, initiated by CWR/Waverley Christian counselling in association with the Evangelical ...

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Lost Souls: What do we think we are?

Rowan Williams

This article is an edited transcript of an address delivered at Greenbelt 2000, reproduced here with the author's permission, for which we are grateful. One of the problems that I think we are facing these days when we try to communicate what faith is about might be expressed in these ...

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Don't Look Now, But Next Year's Coming!

John Simpson

Diaries, like fire and water, are wonderful servants, but dreadful masters. Given that the day-to-day exercise of the pastoral ministry has such an unknown quantity about it, planning ahead may seem to be an exercise in futility. We frequently complain about shortages of time and the stresses arising from unexpected ...

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The Arrow Leadership Programme - a Reflection

James Lawrence

David slumped into his chair. Seven years in post was taking its toll. He'd started with such energy and enthusiasm, so many high ideals and plans for change. Fifteen years of preaching. Fifteen years of pastoring. Fifteen years of praying. Fifteen years. David wondered about the next 30 years. Would ...

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Dealing With Your Alligators

Author unknown

In your ministry you will almost certainly meet an alligator. You will be lucky if you meet only one. Alligators must be dealt with, and for this to happen, they must be recognised. An alligator is not just a person who disagrees with the minister. Most church people disagree with ...

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My Collection of Fridge Magnets, or Learnings from Ten Years in Pastoral Ministry

Geoff Colmer

(The author of this article is a regular contributor to Ministry Today, so, when he took a sabbatical after 10 years in ministry, we asked him to allow us to share his reflections on those years) I'm a Filofax person. And that's an understatement! Not only do I have sections ...

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Ten Books I Would Save From the Fire

Alun Brookfield

Having recently had to move my whole private library to a different room, I'm perhaps more sharply aware of the real 'treasures' than I would otherwise be. In making my choice, I assume I'm allowed a Bible and Shakespeare in addition to these ten. If a Bible is to be ...

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Give Up the News for Lent!


Are you wondering what to give up for Lent? Well, here's Hedgehog's suggestion - give up watching or listening to the news, including the so-called 'local' news. Yes, I know it'll be tough, but you'll feel a lot better for it and your ministry will become more effective as a ...

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Book Reviews

Ministry Today Reviewers

The Challenge of Jesus N T Wright SPCK, London, 2000; 163pp; £9.99; ISBN 0 281 05286 7 I must declare an interest at the beginning of this review and admit that I am an enthusiast for the work of Tom Wright. Having read his two major New Testament studies - ...

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