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A lovable, but sometimes prickly fellow

Hedgehog's View on Marriage (Issue 62)

I used to provide prickly thoughts for this august journal, but decided to retire some years ago. However, I now find there are new subjects causing my prickles to rise, and, not being the kind of hedgehog who curls up into a little ball and waits till the source of ...

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The Devil's Best Invention (Issue 49)

I’ve been tucked away in my burrow for quite some while, but two comments made to me by friends have woken me from my long hibernation. The 1st comment was as follows: “The main reason I can’t develop alternative worship in my church is because it’s full of pews”. Now ...

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Sleeping the Sleep of the Just (Issue 46)

How come I’ve never heard a sermon, nor, to the best of my knowledge, have I ever preached a sermon, ever, in any church, of any denomination, in any country, on the theme of sleep? Weird, isn’t it? After all, we spend one third of our lives sleeping, so you’d ...

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An Open Letter to all Denominational Leaders ... (Issue 45)

... and others involved in making ministry appointments To whom it may concern Once upon a time, there was a perfect world called Christendom, where there was a minister in every church, plenty of money to pay them, churches full of happy people, and there was no eventuality which could ...

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