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Paul Beasley-Murray

My church is doing a great work amongst ‘seniors’. Among other things we run, on a monthly basis, two luncheon clubs, a session on Christian basics followed by a lunch entitled ‘Food for Thought’, and a Sunday afternoon ‘seeker’ service. At a guess I would think that we must be ...

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Losing a Staff Member


We do not frequently publish articles anonymously, but sometimes we feel that, for pastoral reasons, it is wise to do so. This is just such a case. Names and other details have been changed for obvious reasons. Ed. I have just lost a staff member, who for the sake of ...

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Carl Beech

Men believe themselves to be self-sufficient, all-capable and in no need of a crutch, so why be a Christian? That’s for wimps and women, isn’t it? And nothing at all happens in church that is of any relevance to men, does it? And let’s face it; frankly a church meeting ...

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The Half-Life of Exiles

Simon Jones

I’m writing this on the fifth anniversary of my arrival in exile. It’s also some thirty years since my call to ministry. That was a hot July evening. I had hitchhiked from Manchester (where I had just graduated in history and was waiting to begin a Masters) to Nottingham. There, ...

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Gathering a Harvest of Righteousness

Paul Beasley-Murray

Editor’s note: in this article, Paul Beasley-Murray has sought to apply to a group of Christians in retirement from work insights gained from Four Seasons of Ministry: Gathering a Harvest of Righteousness (Alban Institute, Herndon, Virginia 2008; 193pp; $18; ISBN 978 1 56699 366 1) by Bruce and Katherine Epperley. ...

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A Late Harvest

Andrew Bollingbroke

Introduction When I left pastoral ministry in 1988, I began applying for a number of jobs. As I scanned the adverts, I noticed that many of them were looking for company directors in their 20’s. At 37, I was well over the hill and on my way down the other ...

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An Open Letter to all Denominational Leaders ...


... and others involved in making ministry appointments To whom it may concern Once upon a time, there was a perfect world called Christendom, where there was a minister in every church, plenty of money to pay them, churches full of happy people, and there was no eventuality which could ...

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Short Notes

Paul Beasley-Murray and Alun Brookfield

Christmas: The Original Story (SPCK, London 2008; 191pp; ?9.99; ISBN 978 0 281 06050 4), by biblical scholar Margaret Barker, sets the Christmas story in its original cultural and literary context. Sadly, although a Methodist preacher herself, the author does not offer ideas for the hard-pressed preacher at Christmas. Feasting ...

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