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Philip Clements-Jewery

Baptist Minister

Working with Asylum Seekers (Issue 33)

Senior Minister of New North Road Baptist Church, Huddersfield Writing in a recent issue of The Bible in Transmission (Bible Society, Autumn 2004), John Atherton mentions the importance of social capital for individual and communal flourishing and the contribution churches can make in this respect. Quoting Ann Morisy (Journeying Out: ...

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Is Our Evangelism Working? (Issue 29)

Philip Clements-Jewery and Simon Tatton-Brown In Edition 23 (October 2001), we published an article by Philip Clements-Jewery, which we entitled "Why Isn't It Working?". The article was a critique of present-day methods of evangelism and asked the question why, in spite of all the hype and activity, the church was ...

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Why Isn't It Working: Reflections on Current Evangelism Theory & Practice (Issue 23)

Introduction From 1997-2001 I was Director of the Christian Enquiry Agency. As part of the job, I was a member of Churches Together in England Coordinating Group for Evangelisation. As a result, I was put in touch with some of the latest thinking about the churches’ evangelistic task. The purpose ...

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Persons in Prayer (Issue 12)

Introduction One of the more regrettable features to be discerned in parts of the contemporary ecclesiastical scene is an apparent decline in the practice of intercessory prayer. This seems to be the case particularly in connection with the public worship of churches whose worship in non-liturgical. The reasons for such ...

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