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Paul Beasley-Murray

A course for grandparents? As a minister I am accustomed to helping people through the various rites of passage. Recently, however, I went through a rite of passage myself when Caroline and I became grandparents - and proud ones at that! As I reflected on this experience, I suddenly realised ...

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Training Ministerial Students in Spirituality

Paul Goodliff

Head of Ministry for the Baptist Union of Great Britain The Hind Report on theological education has re-envisioned ministerial formation with an emphasis upon the competencies required for effective ministry. In theory these competencies are assessed, but how does one evaluate competency in developing and sustaining a personal spiritual life ...

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How I Pray

Roy Williamson

Formerly Bishop of Southwark, now retired My immediate response is, "With some difficulty"! Over the years my study has been littered with failed systems of how to pray better. I have time and again convinced myself that the 'Holy Grail' is there to be found, if only I can get ...

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Good Preaching Can Harm Your Church

Michael Quicke

Michael J Quicke Charles W Koller Professor of Preaching and Communication at Northern Baptist Seminary in Lombard, Illinois, and previously Principal of Spurgeon's College, London. First Baptist Church prided itself on its succession of great preachers. You could tell how important preaching was by the high central pulpit with its ...

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Living with Liminality

Tim Marks

Director of Network Counselling Service, Bristol This article is a sermon preached at a gathering of the Clergy Leadership Institute at Canterbury Cathedral. I want to locate this sermon in times of confusion and uncertainty. I want to stand with you for a while in this building which at various ...

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Job Specification for a Senior Minister

Paul Beasley-Murray

Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford and Chair of the Ministry Today Board of Management At the beginning of this year, I found on my desk a letter for me to sign. Addressed to my leadership team, it had been written by one of my deacons. It read as ...

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The Gospel-Driven Church - a Reader's Response

Nigel Hardcastle

Vicar of St Luke's with St Bartholomew's Reading and a Work Consultant for the diocese of Oxford I liked the article by Ian Stackhouse on "The Gospel-Driven Church". It was refreshingly honest and made a very important statement about the priority of the gospel over techniques. This fits in well ...

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Working with Asylum Seekers

Philip Clements-Jewery

Senior Minister of New North Road Baptist Church, Huddersfield Writing in a recent issue of The Bible in Transmission (Bible Society, Autumn 2004), John Atherton mentions the importance of social capital for individual and communal flourishing and the contribution churches can make in this respect. Quoting Ann Morisy (Journeying Out: ...

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Book Reviews

Ministry Today Reviewers

The Futures of Evangelicalism - issues and prospects Craig Bartholomew, Robin Parry and Andrew West (Editors) IVP, Leicester, 2003; 348pp; £12.99; ISBN 0 85111 399 0. This collection of twelve essays covers a wide range of subjects from an evangelical perspective, including theology (McGrath), the Church (Vanhoozer), biblical interpretation (Marshall), ...

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