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Tim Marks

Safer than a Known Way (Issue 62)

Sarah looked at me rather fiercely and demanded: “What do you really want to happen?” I felt a little nonplussed and demurred: “But you’re hiring me to teach your clergy leadership skills. This is about your vision for the diocese”. Sarah was having none of it. ”You’re teaching leadership skills ...

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Leaders Who Develop Community (Issue 58)

“If we had noticed that the young men of the present day found it harder and harder to get right answers to sums, we should consider that this had been adequately explained the moment we discovered that schools had for some years, ceased to teach arithmetic” (C S Lewis: On ...

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The Ecology of the Faith Community (Issue 41)

During July this year, I have been working with the Diocese of Chelmsford to help them evaluate their clergy leadership training programmes. A question naturally arises: What is Christian leadership for? Some clergy were derailed by the question. Others said that it was to create a new community. This is ...

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Living with Liminality (Issue 33)

Director of Network Counselling Service, Bristol This article is a sermon preached at a gathering of the Clergy Leadership Institute at Canterbury Cathedral. I want to locate this sermon in times of confusion and uncertainty. I want to stand with you for a while in this building which at various ...

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