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John Simpson

Christian Leadership Is About... (Issue 23)

Leadership is about: * Presence not power; * Stature not status; * Character not charm. An effective leader is one who is more concerned about: * Relationships than outcomes; * Patience than progress; * Grace than guilt. Inspiring leadership requires: * Internal security; * A freedom from having to prove ...

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Don't Look Now, But Next Year's Coming! (Issue 21)

Diaries, like fire and water, are wonderful servants, but dreadful masters. Given that the day-to-day exercise of the pastoral ministry has such an unknown quantity about it, planning ahead may seem to be an exercise in futility. We frequently complain about shortages of time and the stresses arising from unexpected ...

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Beware The Spiritual Tourists! (Issue 19)

Pastors can usually pick them at forty paces. It often comes as a hunch backed up by some simple observations. Evasive answers about their last church, a gentle refusal to give away too many personal details, often an absence of personal warmth - all convey a largely hidden agenda. Now ...

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Surviving the Culture of Criticism (Issue 17)

A few years back a pastor who left his congregation under a cloud defined rather wistfully the kind of church he would like to be called to in the future: one where he would be accepted for who he was, where the leadership had great vision and where there were ...

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