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Paul Beasley-Murray

Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford<br>and Chair of Ministry Today

The Funeral of a Baby: One Minister's Experience (Issue 13)

Recently I conducted the funeral of a baby boy, who died after just three hours of life. It was a deeply painful occasion - and all the more so in so far as Luke was the son of my colleague and his wife. With his parents' permission, I thought it ...

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A Bereavement Checklist (Issue 12)

NAME [NB by which known]: Date &amp; place of birth: Date of death: Date of funeral: [NB Service of commemoration on lst Sunday evening after All Saints Day] Burial or cremation? Church service required: Undertaker to provide list of mourners? Committal or funeral service first? If committal first, then refreshments ...

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Editorial (Issue 12)

Celtic spirituality has been all the rage for several years. For those who have yet to become familiar with this phenomenon, I dare to believe that no better introduction could be offered than that by Alun Brookfield, one of our RBIM Board members. One of the down-sides of charismatic renewal ...

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Editorial (Issue 11)

An overview Christian worship, declared Karl Barth, 'is the most momentous, the most urgent, the most glorious action that can take place in life'. Worship is the occasion when we men and women become truly alive; when we humans, made in the image of God, begin to fulfil the very ...

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Editorial (Issue 10)

An overview Along with the usual varied collection of book reviews, this issue of Ministry Today aims to offer an interesting mix of articles. In the first place Patricia Fouque addresses the serious issue of abuse in the church. I do not believe she is understating the problem here in ...

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The Log-term Pastorate (Issue 10)

It has been said of pastoral ministry: The first two years you can do nothing wrong. The second year you can do nothing right. The fifth and sixth years of a ministry, either you leave or the people who think you can do nothing right, leave. Or you change, or ...

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Editorial (Issue 9)

Benefitting from appraisal All the articles in this issue of Ministry Today are devoted to the important subject of appraisal. In the view of the RBIM Board, a mark of a professional pastor is the willingness - indeed, an eagerness - to undergo an annual appraisal. Appraisal in our view ...

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Appraisal: a British Experience (Issue 9)

I am committed to the appraisal process. From my experience of appraisal over a number of years I have come to believe that, properly handled, it is of great personal benefit, which leads in turn to benefit to the church. My first experience of appraisal was within the world of ...

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Editorial (Issue 8)

Let's be honest: many of us ministers secretly worship the god of success. We long to be successful in ministry. We long to be pastors of bigger and better churches. We long for the kind of recognition that comes when we are invited to address a Spring Harvest crowd or ...

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Editorial (Issue 7)

CONSTANT CHANGE IS HERE TO STAY! In their book In Search Of Excellence (Harper &amp; Row, New York 1982) Thomas Peters and Robert Waterman analysed 43 of America's best-run companies such as IBM and 3M. Within two years of the publication of that best-seller, 14 of these businesses were in ...

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