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Paul Beasley-Murray

Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford<br>and Chair of Ministry Today

Making a Better Barn: Leading a Church through a building project (Issue 30)

Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford, and Chairman of the Ministry Today Board of Management The agony and the ecstasy One of my most painful and yet ultimately extraordinarily exhilarating tasks in the past ten years has been to lead my church through a major building project. In a ...

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Editorial (Issue 29)

Chelmsford, the county town of Essex where I minister, is only 35 minutes away from London by fast train, and yet at times we seem light years away from the metropolis. This is particularly true when it comes to multi-ethnicity, with its twin brother, multi-culturalism. Although with a population of ...

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Editorial (Issue 28)

Like any other minister, I always have a thousand and one things to do. It is always a dilemma to know what to delegate and what to do oneself. It is a particular temptation to delegate the work of evangelism to others. Indeed, at one stage this is exactly what ...

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Faith at Fifty - Older People, Gospel & Church (Issue 28)

Paul Beasley-Murray A look at the challenges and opportunities of the best years of your life. What can the church do to help? How can the church benefit from the gifts and talents of the over 50s? What are the needs of the community for the over 50s and how ...

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Some Reflections on Depression (Issue 28)

It is a sobering fact that in a church of 100 people, at some point during their lives sixty-six will have a significant experience of depression, by which I mean a form of depression which will interfere with and disrupt their lives. Indeed, at any given moment in the life ...

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Editorial (Issue 27)

Leadership Weekends Away I am a great believer in leadership weekends away. A weekend is so much better than the occasional Saturday morning or even day conference. A weekend gives time for the leaders of the church (elders, deacons, PCC - call them what you will) to relax together, to ...

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The Threefold Cord: A Wedding Sermon (Issue 26)

“Marriage is Hell,” wrote Kathryn Perutz. “To be married means, too often, a capitulation to sameness, an end to self-development, and unnatural death of spirit... It means the end of friendships that require sacrifice, and the end of risks. It leads to self-pity and over-consumption, to a conservatism that is ...

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Editorial (Issue 26)

I collect frogs. Not real frogs - they unnerve me. No, pretend frogs. I have frogs made of stone, frogs made of plastic, frogs made of metal, frogs made of material, and so the list goes on. To entertain little children entering my church office I have a Little Frog ...

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Editorial (Issue 24)

Experimentation No church can stand still - or if it does, then it dies. For constant change is the essence of life. One of the challenging roles for any church leader, therefore, is to be a change-agent, helping the local church to adapt to the ever-changing culture around us. In ...

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The Safety Net - A Case Study in the Exercise of Pastoral Care (Issue 24)

The following is an example of how one church exercises pastoral care in such as way as to ensure that, as far as possible, no-one can miss the safety net. Although Paul’s congregation is larger than most, we include the article because we believe that there are lessons here which ...

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