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Paul Beasley-Murray

Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford<br>and Chair of Ministry Today

Short Notes (Issue 46)

The SPCK Book of Christian Prayer (SPCK London: first published in hardback in 1995, this paperback edition 2009; 490pp; ?14.99; ISBN 978 0 281 06151 8) brings together over 1,200 prayers, both classic and contemporary. It is a truly delightful compilation and is a great resource for all who lead ...

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Editorial (Issue 46)

I’ve been in full-time Christian ministry now for 26 years - a mere beginner compared to some. Along the way, I’ve taken my share of brickbats and bouquets - a few of the brickbats were thoroughly deserved and many of the bouquets belonged to others probably more than they did ...

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Funerals Are Not Always Celebrations (Issue 46)

I wish to acknowledge friends belonging to the Ministry Today Network, who made a number of helpful comments on the initial draft of this article. A day of grief Recently I went to the funeral of a great friend who died far too young, with still so much to offer. ...

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Short Notes (Issue 45)

Christmas: The Original Story (SPCK, London 2008; 191pp; ?9.99; ISBN 978 0 281 06050 4), by biblical scholar Margaret Barker, sets the Christmas story in its original cultural and literary context. Sadly, although a Methodist preacher herself, the author does not offer ideas for the hard-pressed preacher at Christmas. Feasting ...

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Editorial (Issue 45)

My church is doing a great work amongst ‘seniors’. Among other things we run, on a monthly basis, two luncheon clubs, a session on Christian basics followed by a lunch entitled ‘Food for Thought’, and a Sunday afternoon ‘seeker’ service. At a guess I would think that we must be ...

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Gathering a Harvest of Righteousness (Issue 45)

Editor’s note: in this article, Paul Beasley-Murray has sought to apply to a group of Christians in retirement from work insights gained from Four Seasons of Ministry: Gathering a Harvest of Righteousness (Alban Institute, Herndon, Virginia 2008; 193pp; $18; ISBN 978 1 56699 366 1) by Bruce and Katherine Epperley. ...

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Short Notes (Issue 44)

The Spiritual Dimension of Childhood (Jessica Kingsley, London 2008; 160pp; £16.99; ISBN 978 1 84310 602 9), by Kate Adams, Brendan Hyde, and Richard Woolley, argues that “spirituality is an innate and natural predisposition of humankind. All people are spiritual - and children are of course no exception” (p.144). This ...

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What Type of Church Is Yours? (Issue 44)

I recently read Size Transitions in Congregations (The Alban Institute, Virginia 2001), edited by Beth Ann Gaede. Many of the fifteen essays are based on the pioneering work of Arlin Rothauge, a professor of congregational studies at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, who, a number of years ago, wrote a booklet, Sizing ...

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Editorial (Issue 44)

Hopes dashed on ‘Back to Church Sunday’ In common with many other churches, we decided to support this year’s ‘Back to Church’ Sunday. We ordered the T-shirts and the flyers, and from as early as May began to prepare the church for this nation-wide initiative. In the three Sundays running ...

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A Baptist at the 2008 Lambeth Conference (Issue 43)

I have just returned from six exhausting days at the Lambeth Conference. Yes, it was ‘full on’ from morning to night. I confess that I never made Morning Prayer at 6.30 a.m., but along with most of the bishops I was present at the 7.15 a.m. Eucharist, and from then ...

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