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Editorial Summer 2008

Paul Beasley-Murray

I’ve just informed my church that I have no intention of retiring next Spring when I shall be 65 years of age, but rather have the strength, energy, and desire to continue to lead the church until I am 70. And the church members, God bless them, are delighted! When ...

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Life After Death

Ian Gregory

More people read the ‘family announcements’ page in our local paper than any other part, including the racing results and houses for sale. It is the deaths we are all looking for. About 20 a day, noted in small print, and in jargon as taught in the Funeral Directors’ training ...

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Supervision In The Local Church

Paul Beasley-Murray

For 28 years I have been a pastor in charge of a local church. For most of that time I have ‘done my own thing’, without any real regard to others in the church. True, for the last 15 years I have enjoyed an annual ‘appraisal’[1]; but for most of ...

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A Baptist at the 2008 Lambeth Conference

Paul Beasley-Murray

I have just returned from six exhausting days at the Lambeth Conference. Yes, it was ‘full on’ from morning to night. I confess that I never made Morning Prayer at 6.30 a.m., but along with most of the bishops I was present at the 7.15 a.m. Eucharist, and from then ...

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Further Thoughts on Pastoral Visiting


Paul Beasley-Murray’s editorial in Edition 42 on the theme of pastoral visiting clearly touched either a chord or a raw nerve! We received this endorsement of Paul’s views from Methodist minister, the Revd John Rowland. Dear Paul, Many thanks for your editorial in the Spring 2008 edition of Ministry Today. ...

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Current Church Trends

Peter Brierley

Religious Trends No 7 was finally published in May 2008 a little later than originally planned. As a consequence of complimentary copies being sent out, articles about some of the figures in it appeared in both The Times and The Daily Telegraph on 8 th May 2008. Some readers of ...

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The Grass Isn't Always Greener on the Other Side

William Ruddle

I remember the day well - I think I always will. It was a Wednesday lunchtime and I was down the gym doing my usual workout when I fell apart - although not literally, emotionally it might as well have been. The pain in my chest and the tears that ...

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Is Blogging Just for Self-Centred Nerds?

Dave Faulkner

“I’m not interested in blogging,” typed a friend in an email, “I can’t help thinking of Ian Hislop’s comment that blogging is just ‘me, me, me.’” That is certainly a popular perception of blogging in some circles. It has some credence. Trawl through some teenage blogs on MySpace or Microsoft’s ...

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Preaching is dead, is it? Not likely! It’s alive and well in Britain. It’s just that the theologians and pundits haven’t noticed. Our modern preachers are the stand-up comedians. They provide the same for the people today as was offered in the 18th century, when folk went to London “to ...

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Short notes

Paul Beasley-Murray and Alun Brookfield

Introducing Christianity (Routledge, Abingdon 2008; 498pp; £19.99; ISBN 978 0 415 77212 9) by James R Adair, a Baptist professor in Texas, is an amazingly wide-ranging introduction, which takes nothing for-granted. Divided into four main sections, Part I is entitled ‘Introduction to Christianity’ and deals with such basic questions as ...

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