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Ian Gregory

Minister of the Congregational Church at Cheadle, Staffordshire

Lay Ministers (Issue 57)

The long tradition in which groups of Christians pay for the services of a leader in the form of a minister or priest is coming to an end. The future is ‘team led ministry’ in which ‘the priesthood of all believers’ is finally realised. For a very large number of ...

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Charge to a New Minister (Issue 56)

The wife of a vicar in the Churnet Valley of Staffordshire has been inducted to the pastorate of the Oakamoor Free Church adjacent to his parish. Mrs Joy Leathers (50), mother of four grown children and until recently working in customer services at Alton Towers leisure centre, is married to ...

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Life After Death (Issue 43)

More people read the ‘family announcements’ page in our local paper than any other part, including the racing results and houses for sale. It is the deaths we are all looking for. About 20 a day, noted in small print, and in jargon as taught in the Funeral Directors’ training ...

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Why ministers freak out under the stress of having to be ‘nice’ (Issue 39)

The effort of being ‘nice’ to fellow Christians in church life is proving too much for some clergy, according to new research in the Church of England. Many find it impossible to respond with a good grace to the demands made on their time and energy, and suffer ‘burn out’ ...

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