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Paul Beasley-Murray

Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford<br>and Chair of Ministry Today

Editorial (Issue 6)

As an institute RBIM is committed to 'promoting excellence in the practice of ministry'. Amongst other things, for me at least, this means that I need to strive constantly to be a creative liturgist. As a pastor I can never be satisfied with the ordinary. Week by week I seek ...

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Editorial (Issue 5)

For a number of years churches have been encouraged to draw up their own mission statements. In my own church a year or so ago we adopted, on the basis of Matthew 28:19 and John 20:21, the simple slogan 'To go Christ's way and to make disciples'. This mission statement ...

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Editorial (Issue 4)

We were very grateful to those many readers who kindly took the time to complete a questionnaire with a view to making Ministry Today and RBIM activities as relevant as possible to the needs of those involved in Christian ministry. We were delighted with the good response - and even ...

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Salty Christians (Issue 3)

An article based on a paper first presented to a Baptist Assembly Seminar at Bridlington, 27th April 1994 Salt in the Salt-Cellar I would imagine that all of us have heard preachers preach sermons on our calling to be 'salt' in the world, the thrust being 'Get out there! Get ...

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Editorial (Issue 3)

Following my appraisal last year it was suggested that I draw up a job description for myself. Eventually, after a number of months, I sat down somewhat reluctantly to write a job description. My reluctance arose from the fact that like many others I enjoy the freedom given to me ...

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Editorial (Issue 2)

What do you mean by "a successful ministry"?', a middle-aged woman asked me sharply. At that time her husband was struggling with a dwindling congregation and a rot-infested building on the edge of the inner city. In spite of being a wonderfully caring pastor and a magnificently stimulating preacher, he ...

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Why Clergy are Leaving the Church - An English Response (Issue 1)

As many ex-pastors in Australia as those serving in parishes of all denominations! The thought is mind-boggling. The question immediately arises: is massive ministerial fall-out a specifically Australian phenomenon, or is it also to be found here in the UK? The simple answer is: nobody knows. Perhaps Peter Brierley and ...

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Editorial (Issue 1)

Welcome to the first edition of Ministry Today! Published by the Richard Baxter Institute for Ministry, it aims 'to promote excellence in the practice of ministry, enabling ministers and other pastoral leaders to become increasingly effective in the mission to which Christ has called them' (for further details, see the ...

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