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Paul Beasley-Murray

Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford<br>and Chair of Ministry Today

Editorial (Issue 23)

Wedding Photographers! Thank God, I enjoy weddings - if I didn’t, then I guess that I probably shouldn’t be a minister. However, there is one aspect of weddings which I don’t enjoy - and that is the taking of the wedding photographs. Indeed, I don’t only not enjoy the taking ...

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The Heart of Ministry - the Call of God (Issue 23)

At the Ministry Today Conference in February this year, we asked our Chairman, Paul Beasley-Murray, to reflect on how important is the minister’s sense of divine call without which it is easy to lose heart in the task of ministry. Let me set the scene by quoting two marvellous passages ...

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What Do Baptists Mean When They Dedicate "Things"? (Issue 22)

“500 words - by the end of the week - on what we, as Baptists mean, when we dedicate things!” What a daunting request, especially for a pastor whose books have been in store for the last eighteen months because his church has been engaged in a major re-building exercise. ...

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Finding Lost Shepherds (Issue 22)

This article is a transcript of a paper presented at the Ministry Today 2001 Conference, ‘Lost Shepherds’ Too many shepherds are in danger of being lost In a recent survey of leaders of Evangelical Alliance churches, conducted in 1999/2000, it was discovered that “Two out of every five pastors feel ...

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Editorial (Issue 22)

An ordination charge While going through the papers of my late father, I came across the notes of the sermon my father preached at my own ordination some thirty years ago. I found it quite a spiritual tonic to read them. I confess that I had totally forgotten what he ...

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Editorial (Issue 21)

Pastoral Care Today I have in front of me a beautifully-presented copy of Pastoral Care Today: Practice, Problems and Priorities in Churches Today (published by CWR, Farnham, Surrey, 2000; ISBN 1 85345 169 X), an interim report from a survey, initiated by CWR/Waverley Christian counselling in association with the Evangelical ...

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Editorial (Issue 20)

Back to work! The holidays are over and the new church year has begun. Yes, I know that for the more liturgical churches the church year does not begin until Advent, but for all practical intents and purposes the autumn marks the time when most church activities and organisations get ...

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Editorial (Issue 19)

We have just had our church AGM, when one group of lay leaders relinquish office, and another come into office. In our church it is possible for leaders to stand again for another three-year term, but once they have served six years, they must stand down for at least a ...

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Team Relationships - a paper for discussion (Issue 18)

Our church is big on teams. There is: the 'core ministry team' composed of the senior minister, the associate minister, the youth minister and the church administrator. Their weekly meetings are concerned substantially with the day-to-day ministry of the church, as also preparatory work on strategic issues to be brought ...

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Editorial (Issue 18)

The last full-length sermon I preached in 1999 was also the first I had preached after having been off work for a month with acute back-pain. I wonder how you react to the way in which I began my sermon the first Sunday I was back. Can you identify with ...

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