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Paul Beasley-Murray

Back to work! The holidays are over and the new church year has begun. Yes, I know that for the more liturgical churches the church year does not begin until Advent, but for all practical intents and purposes the autumn marks the time when most church activities and organisations get ...

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Leaders or Drivers - New Forms of Leadership

Bill Allen

In recent years there have been many calls for a new form of inspirational leadership from within the fields of business, commerce, education and industry. Evidence of this is reflected in the vast array of books that have been published that attempt to describe this new millennium leadership. A single ...

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Seven Keys for Survival in Ministry

Ian Stackhouse

I confess to a familiarity with the pressure to succeed in ministry. Coming from a so-called 'New Church' perspective, the anxiety over performance, that has been the Achilles' heel of non-conformity in general, is especially acute. Unlike our Anglican counterparts we do not have the security of history. Nor do ...

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Ten books I would save from the flames!

David Bedford

I am not naturally a book person. Rather I am a nose on the ground, learn it through experience person. Yet as my Christian life has developed and my pastoral experience deepened over twenty years I have come to realise how I have been influenced and shaped not just by ...

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The Church Outside the Walls

Wallace Boulton

The churchgoers were arriving for the morning service feeling frustrated. Their usual parking spaces had been taken and they had found it impossible to park anywhere near the church. They resented the event that was causing this disruption, an international half-marathon race with 3,000 competitors with spectators lining the streets. ...

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Marrying Church & Community - A Success Story

Chris Grimshaw

Are we the salt and light that Christ calls us to be in our society? Are we having the influence in our society that was seen with the early Church? As they responded to the gospel, people's core values were radically altered, leading to a change of life style. Seeing ...

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Change Management for Churches

Alun Brookfield

The present situation Many church leaders seem to be unnecessarily nervous of management techniques - indeed the very word 'management' is to some a 'boo' word. As members of a caring profession, they tend to be much more comfortable with issues of spirituality and pastoralia than with management skills (which ...

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Blessing or Barrier - the Pros & Cons of Clerical Collars


I want to place it on record that, recently ordained, I enjoy wearing my clerical collar. My wife, however, is still getting used to it (no, I don't wear it in bed!), especially when I arrive at Sainsbury's and insist on keeping it on throughout the shopping process ("but, darling, ...

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Book Reviews


The Israelites in History and Tradition Niels Peter Lemche SPCK, London, 1998; viii+246pp; £30; ISBN 0 281 05227 Potential readers need to know that the conclusions drawn in this book are extremely sceptical. Its thesis is that the description of the pre-exilic ancient Israelites in the Old Testament has no ...

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