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Paul Beasley-Murray

Leadership Weekends Away I am a great believer in leadership weekends away. A weekend is so much better than the occasional Saturday morning or even day conference. A weekend gives time for the leaders of the church (elders, deacons, PCC - call them what you will) to relax together, to ...

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New Every Sunday: Keeping Sermons Fresh

Stephen Wright

It was reported in March 2002 that the rector of a prominent church in a wealthy town near Detroit had been suspended for ninety days while his diocese investigated accusations that some of his sermons and newsletter articles were copied from the Web. For preachers around the world who recognize ...

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Rethinking Church for New Zealand

Kevin Ward

Although written with the state of the Church in New Zealand primarily in mind, most of what Kevin says in the article which follows is, in our view, equally applicable to the Church in all countries with a so-called ‘Western’ culture. The first article in this series (published in the ...

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Do I Have to Wear My Genes: Genetic Determinism & the Priesthood Gene

Andrew George

There has been some speculation in the media about the determinative effects of certain genes. The author helps us to understand the value of genetic determinism by reference to the discovery of a gene for priesthood! One continually hears on the news that scientists have discovered the gene for a ...

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Spirituality in Suburbia

Chris Skilton

Faith in suburbia? In the 1980s the Church of England examined life in the inner city and produced the report “Faith in the City”. It followed this some years later by putting the rural church under the microscope and discovered that there was “Faith in the Countryside”. It has not ...

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Fearless for Truth: A Personal Portrait of the Life of George Beasley-Murray

Brian Haymes

Paul Beasley-Murray (Paternoster Press, Carlisle 2002; 244pp; £15.99; ISBN 1 84227 134 2) There are obvious difficulties for a son when it comes to writing about his father. These difficulties, such as those of objectivity, are compounded when the son’s relationship to the father is transparently close, full of deep ...

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Time Out!

Author unknown

Hedgehog This time I just know I’m going to upset people. A storm of protest will come crashing into the editor’s mailbox. But if you’re looking for a way to upset people, I can’t think of many better ways to upset your church members or parishioners than by telling them ...

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Book Reviews

Ministry Today Reviewers

A Companion to Genethics J Burley and J Harris (Editors) Blackwell, Oxford 2002; 489pp; £unknown; ISBN 0 631 20698 1 The response of many to the flood of information now becoming available through molecular and genetic science is bewilderment. Every week there seems to be a news item with the ...

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