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Kevin Ward

Christendom, Clericalism & Church (Issue 28)

It is not hard to find theologians and sociologists who warn that the crisis confronting institutional religion in western countries like New Zealand and the UK is massive, if not terminal. One of the most colourful comes from an Anglican church leader in describing the plight of his own denomination: ...

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Rethinking Church for New Zealand (Issue 27)

Although written with the state of the Church in New Zealand primarily in mind, most of what Kevin says in the article which follows is, in our view, equally applicable to the Church in all countries with a so-called ‘Western’ culture. The first article in this series (published in the ...

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Believing Without Belonging: Church in the Aftermath of the Sixties (Issue 26)

(Although written originally with a New Zealand perspective, we believe this article, and the others which will follow in the next two editions of Ministry Today, offers a number of useful insights into what is happening in westernised Christianity. Let me begin by identifying the perspective from which I see ...

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