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Paul Beasley-Murray

I collect frogs. Not real frogs - they unnerve me. No, pretend frogs. I have frogs made of stone, frogs made of plastic, frogs made of metal, frogs made of material, and so the list goes on. To entertain little children entering my church office I have a Little Frog ...

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Too Big to Grow: Helping Large Congregations to Stop the Rot

Bob Jackson

National attendance decline is concentrated in the larger churches Most churches in Britain are small. The average Church of England parish has an attendance of 50 adults and 10 children. So, most of our ‘larger’ churches are not the well known mega-churches, but comparatively ordinary ones with an average Sunday ...

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Transforming Ministry: Integration or Infiltration?

Terry Drummond

Introduction The aim of this article is to explore the idea of transforming ministry and draws on experience of being involved in the organisation and delivery of a Spurgeon’s College course over a period of nine years. The focus of the course has been the interface of ministry with the ...

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Believing Without Belonging: Church in the Aftermath of the Sixties

Kevin Ward

(Although written originally with a New Zealand perspective, we believe this article, and the others which will follow in the next two editions of Ministry Today, offers a number of useful insights into what is happening in westernised Christianity. Let me begin by identifying the perspective from which I see ...

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"Don't Go There, Dad!": Diary of a Sex Talk

Andrew Knowles

The author of this article was asked to contribute to a series of study days on ‘Human Sexuality and Same Sex Relationships’. His diary takes up the story. October 2001 It’s always nice to hear from Roger Matthews, our Bishop’s Adviser for Mission and Ministry. He’s a cheerful, youngish (to ...

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The Ministry of Little Things

Ian Stackhouse

Ministry often occurs in the most unlikely and unpromising places. For those of us brought up in the world of evangelicalism, this is a hard thing to accept. Ministry is associated with the recognisable offices of the church, taking place in the community of the church. And for this numerous ...

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The Threefold Cord: A Wedding Sermon

Paul Beasley-Murray

“Marriage is Hell,” wrote Kathryn Perutz. “To be married means, too often, a capitulation to sameness, an end to self-development, and unnatural death of spirit... It means the end of friendships that require sacrifice, and the end of risks. It leads to self-pity and over-consumption, to a conservatism that is ...

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Six Feet Above Contradiction


I confess to having mixed feelings about pulpits, in spite of having demolished one (with the permission of the Church Members’ Meeting, I hasten to add!) with an axe and sledgehammer on one occasion. That one was an ugly Victorian monstrosity which totally dominated the front end of the church ...

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Book Reviews

Ministry Today Reviewers

Where Wrath and Mercy Meet: Proclaiming the Atonement Today David Peterson (ed.) Paternoster Press, 2001; xix+175pp; £??; ISBN 1 84227 079 6 This book contains a series of papers given at the fourth Oak Hill College Annual School of Theology in the summer of 2000. The authors are all past ...

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