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Paul Beasley-Murray

An overview Along with the usual varied collection of book reviews, this issue of Ministry Today aims to offer an interesting mix of articles. In the first place Patricia Fouque addresses the serious issue of abuse in the church. I do not believe she is understating the problem here in ...

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Abuse in Ministry

Patricia Fouque

Abuse in the church is a reality: a reality which must be faced. In this article we shall look at abuse with its issues of power and responsibility. We shall explore some of the unknown areas of our own lives which lead us sometimes to be in the role of ...

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Appraisal - a Methodist Experience 1

John Simmonds

Part II of this article follows here! Background In 1991 the Methodist Church's annual Conference asked 'for appraisal systems for all ministers, deacons and deaconesses'. The group which was to prepare a scheme began its work by finding out why the request had been brought in the first place. It ...

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The Log-term Pastorate

Paul Beasley-Murray

It has been said of pastoral ministry: The first two years you can do nothing wrong. The second year you can do nothing right. The fifth and sixth years of a ministry, either you leave or the people who think you can do nothing right, leave. Or you change, or ...

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The Long-term Pastorate - some reflections

Julian Reindorp

These personal reflections were stimulated by the previous article. My own ministerial experience has included eighteen years in two ecumenical teams, and both New Town and Inner City ministries. First, the length of our ministry will be affected by the size of the church. Small churches can seem like corvettes ...

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...and a comment from Revd Malcolm Goodspeed, Head of Ministry, Baptist Union of Great Britain

Author unknown

Long pastorates very quickly become personality focused unless great care is exercised. The minister in this very vulnerable position is pressurised to be always succeeding. This pressure is fed by church growth expectations and the current fad of planting new churches. This latter is the mark of a successful minister ...

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