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Julian Reindorp

Team Rector of Richmond, Surrey

Work & Faith: Does the church really care? (Issue 57)

Let us begin by asking a prior question: did Jesus really care about work and faith? During the last week of his life on earth, Jesus was asked: “Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” And he replies: “Give to God what is God’s and to Caesar ...

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Ambassadors of Reconciliation (Issue 53)

Those of us who attend the annual Ministry Today retreat and consultation at Pleshey Retreat House in Chelmsford each year are usually treated to some high quality input. This year, we were led in our prayers and reflections by the Revd Julian Reindorp, a former member of the Board of Ministry Today and Team Rector of Richmond, Surrey for many years. This is a transcript of his final address, as we gathered for prayer and worship in the retreat house chapel.

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Friends in the Church (Issue 29)

Is it proper or appropriate for Christian leaders to include members of their congregation in their circle of close friends? You may have a very clear view on this, but I suspect our views are affected by a range of issues, and particularly by our experience and our temperaments. You ...

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Equipping Christians at Work (Issue 23)

“Nine out of ten practising Christians feel their work is always at the level of a spiritual encumbrance” wrote Teilhard de Chardin more than forty years ago (Le Milieu Divin, 1957, p.65). How has much changed in the intervening period? I have recently written a short book about this whole ...

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