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Paul Beasley-Murray

Benefitting from appraisal All the articles in this issue of Ministry Today are devoted to the important subject of appraisal. In the view of the RBIM Board, a mark of a professional pastor is the willingness - indeed, an eagerness - to undergo an annual appraisal. Appraisal in our view ...

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Ministry & Suffering in the Life of Paul

Deans Buchanan

Like many a church building, the shape of Christian life, and Christian service, is cruciform. Christian ministry, whatever its setting, is a calling to stand under the cross, in the power of the resurrection. There can be no escaping this essential fact - service and suffering are Siamese twins. The ...

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Appraising Church Leaders Today

John Durrant

The primary aim of the appraisal of ministers should be to increase the quality of mission of the church through developing of the potential of each minister; it should seek to recognise the specialised needs of individual ministers. Context It has been suggested that the product determines the purpose: if ...

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Appraisal - a Corporate Response

Alun Brookfield

My wife and I have both been subject to appraisal systems. I work for a large religious charity, she for a housing association. My company has used formal appraisal systems in the past, but they have now fallen into disuse. Mary's company uses a very formal six-monthly appraisal structure, requiring ...

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Appraisal - an American Experience

Roy Oswald

There are several paradoxes about clergy evaluation. The first is that those clergy who most need to hear evaluative data are least able psychologically to hear it. Clergy who are open to candid feedback on their ministry are usually looking for it all the time. Those who can't take feedback ...

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Appraisal: a British Experience

Paul Beasley-Murray

I am committed to the appraisal process. From my experience of appraisal over a number of years I have come to believe that, properly handled, it is of great personal benefit, which leads in turn to benefit to the church. My first experience of appraisal was within the world of ...

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On Being Spiritually Accountable

Christine Sine

Last year I had the opportunity to work with pastors at a leadership training seminar. All of the participants were struggling with the growing pressures of overcrowded lives and a lack of intimate Christian fellowship. One man shared his frustration at trying to juggle responsibility for five small parishes. Sundays ...

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