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A Bereavement Checklist

By Paul Beasley-Murray.

NAME [NB by which known]:

Date & place of birth:

Date of death:

Date of funeral:

[NB Service of commemoration on lst Sunday evening after All Saints Day]

Burial or cremation?

Church service required:

Undertaker to provide list of mourners?

Committal or funeral service first?

If committal first, then refreshments at church?

Order of service

Chief mourners follow coffin, or seated first?

Normal pattern:

Any favourite hymns? [Wedding hymn?]

Any favourite Scripture? [A marked Bible?]

Any special music or other requirements?

Printed order of service? [to be agreed with minister!]

Choice of organist?

Where committal at crematoriuim separate from service:


Other music?

Organist?[Fees for organist]


Family flowers only?

Flowers to be provided at church?

Donations in memory of loved one?

Church connection?

Date & place of baptism?

Offices held in this or another church?

Family & friends

Date & place of marriage?

How long married?

Name of spouse?


Names of other immediate relatives / in-laws / Names of friends / neighbours or of district nurse / carer that next-of-kin want to pray for?

Who will be there?

Who can't be there?


Where did X grow up?


Interests & achievements:

Any 'interests' represented at funeral [e.g. Bowls Club]?

We first met

When I think of X I think of...

I am grateful to X above all for...

What single word might sum up the life of X?

Contact person:

Paul Beasley-Murray

Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford<br>and Chair of Ministry Today

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