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Paul Beasley-Murray

On a recent trip to Australia I discovered that, every semester, school children are expected to reflect on their past performance and, in the light of that reflection, create fresh goals for the coming semester. So the eight year old grandson of the friends with whom we were staying wrote ...

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Race, Class & the Gospel in Multi-Cultural Britain

Gary Jenkins

In 1985 the Archbishop’s report on urban priority areas, Faith in the City, stated that “the Church of England's most enduring problem of the city has been its relationship with the working class.”[1] Thirty years later, how do issues of race and class interact in the church's relationship with the ...

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Reflections on the Tasks Involved in Church Leadership

Steve Finnamore

Introduction Over the years, first as ministerial student, then as a local pastor, I have read many books on pastoring and leading churches. I now work in a building with a library full of such books because my job is in ministerial formation. Needless to say, these books contain lots ...

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Living Out the Call

Alun Brookfield

On my bookshelf I have an old and well-thumbed copy of C H Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students, into which, over the last thirty-two years, I have frequently dipped in search of pastoral wisdom. Unfortunately, the great man’s wisdom is rooted in the 19th century, and is therefore sometimes hard ...

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Facing Outward

Richard Dormandy

Local mission activities are highly contextual. What works in one place may not work in another. This article explores some of the ideas that are working in an urban parish in South London, along with one or two principles. We're not doing too badly at outreach currently, but that doesn't ...

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What Would Jesus Say to the Buy-to-Let Minister

William Ruddle

“Freeloader”, “scum” and “bastard capitalist” are just some of the things I have been called as a Christian Minister who also engages in a Buy-To-Let property business. Simultaneously, however, Christian Ministers are often encouraged by theological colleges when embarking on ordination training to own a property while they live in ...

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Forgiveness Is the Key


Editor’s note: This article is an intimate personal testimony of the wounds which are often unintentionally inflicted on ministers and their families by Christian congregations. It is also a powerful story of a long and painful search for healing. Even though no identifiable names or places are mentioned within, we publish it anonymously because of its highly personal content.

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