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David Parsons

A new context for ministry Ministry is always given in a context. Urban ministry, rural ministry and estate ministry are obvious examples of ministry contexts. We could add to that the size of church, complementary or competing styles of worship, university town or city or popular retirement area. There are ...

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Church - Where Everyone Knows Your Name (part 2)

Clive Jarvis

Quality matters On a family holiday in former Yugoslavia many years ago my parents decided we would walk from our hotel complex into the (not so) nearby town. By the time we arrived my mother was suffering from sun stroke, so my father (mercifully) decided we would not walk back, ...

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Church, a ‘man-free zone’?

Alan Palmer

A young man was late for church. After the service the vicar greeted him and enquired as to why he had been late for worship. With a little hesitation the young man said that he was going to go fishing until his dad told him no. Although disappointed that that ...

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Lessons in a leadership failure

Derek Tidball

One of the puzzling aspects of the Old Testament is why Israel’s first king who came to the throne with the anointing of God on his life and the high hopes of Israel on his shoulders proved to be such a disaster. His failure was so great that God came ...

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