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Clive Jarvis

Senior Minister, Seaford Baptist Church

Church - Where Everyone Knows Your Name (part 2) (Issue 55)

Quality matters On a family holiday in former Yugoslavia many years ago my parents decided we would walk from our hotel complex into the (not so) nearby town. By the time we arrived my mother was suffering from sun stroke, so my father (mercifully) decided we would not walk back, ...

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Church - Where Everyone Knows Your Name (Issue 54)

Are we prepared for visitors? Cheers was a popular TV show in both the USA and in the UK from the 1980s. Its famous refrain featured in the title song was, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name." The show’s stars played a collection of sad and dysfunctional characters, but at Cheers ...

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Name Above All Names (Issue 52)

“ ‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me.’ Whoever wrote that was an idiot.” That was the opening line of my sermon last week on Paul’s message to the church at Philippi in Philipppians 2.1-11, and enough of a coincidence when I read the ...

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