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Primitive Leadership

Ian Stackhouse

Pastors are a strange breed. And of all the professions, so called, pastors are perhaps the most ill-disciplined. Many are recovering workaholics. Not a few that I know think nothing of working seventy or eighty hours a week. They think nothing of going from one event, such as a funeral, ...

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Reliability in Ministry

John Truscott

The powers-that-be at Ministry Today suggested that I might like to write about professionalism in ministry. The concept is sometimes mocked in church circles, no doubt because of a legitimate fear that the Church will become just another organisation squeezed dry of any spirituality. This set me thinking as to ...

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Name Above All Names

Clive Jarvis

“ ‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me.’ Whoever wrote that was an idiot.” That was the opening line of my sermon last week on Paul’s message to the church at Philippi in Philipppians 2.1-11, and enough of a coincidence when I read the ...

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On Marathon Running

Michael Bochenski

Behind the new Christian evangelistic initiative More than Gold lies a simple mission statement: to enable UK churches to engage with the 2012 Olympic Games. Those involved write that “... churches in the UK have a once in a lifetime opportunity thanks to the 2012 Games being awarded to London. ...

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The Giant Advent Calendar

Leesa Barton

As a town centre church, many people walk past our building every day. Most people are on their way to or from work, or school, or to the shops, and take very little notice of the building. Some don’t even realise that they are walking past a church. At Christmas ...

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Weddings Need Not Be Expensive

Paul Beasley-Murray

Weddings are becoming increasingly expensive. The other day I Googled and discovered that the cost of the average UK wedding is now over £20,000. · The most expensive item is the wedding reception - averages £7,724 · The honeymoon costs £3,220 · The engagement ring costs £1,400 - while the ...

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