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Editorial: Talking Jesus

Paul Beasley-Murray

Talking Jesus Somewhat belatedly I came across the 2015 report Talking Jesus: Perceptions of Jesus, Christians and Evangelism in England (, which contains the results of research carried out among 1000 people by the Barna Group on behalf of the Church of England, the Evangelical Alliance and HOPE. It contains ...

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Radical: Everyone Needs a Narrative

Sgteve Chalke

“Our war on terror begins with al-Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated.” It was the evening of September 20th 2001, when George W Bush uttered these fateful words to Congress in Washington, ...

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Jubilee Ethics & the Refugee Crisis

Helen Paynter

In the previous issue of Ministry Today, I considered the ethics revealed by the Jubilee text of Leviticus 25. We identified the theme of new creation, which was a liberating event for rich and poor alike. It was shown that the jubilee command was rooted in God’s prior blessings – ...

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Leadership in the Book of Esther: The good, the bad & the ugly

Debra Reid

Introduction The Book of Esther presents the Christian reader with a number of challenges. There is hesitancy about its historicity and canonical value; uncertainty about its date and origins; and, when it comes to understanding the literary character of the text or its didactic purpose, there are as many opinions ...

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Responsibility Without Authority

Michael Fass

Introduction This article is about the way that those who do not take a stipend from the Church can reflect on their roles and responsibilities and the way in which the Church can respond to them. It is written from an Anglican perspective, but its content may be applied to ...

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