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Ian Stackhouse

Ian is the Senior Pastor of Guildford Baptist Church.

Primitive Leadership (Issue 52)

Pastors are a strange breed. And of all the professions, so called, pastors are perhaps the most ill-disciplined. Many are recovering workaholics. Not a few that I know think nothing of working seventy or eighty hours a week. They think nothing of going from one event, such as a funeral, ...

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The Gospel-Driven Church (Issue 32)

Pastoral Leader of Guildford Baptist Church and a member of the Board of Management of Ministry Today The following is a 'discussion starter' given by the author at a seminar during the Christian Resources Exhibition in London during 2004. As such, it is not intended to provide answers, but the ...

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Life Between Ministries: A Quiet Word on Tent-Making (Issue 30)

Senior Minister-Elect of Guildford Baptist Church and Ministry Today Board Member Leaving a church is a kind of bereavement; not having a church to go on to is a case of pastoral unemployment. But rather than going into the disappointingly dull details of how I arrived at this state, I ...

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The Ministry of Little Things (Issue 26)

Ministry often occurs in the most unlikely and unpromising places. For those of us brought up in the world of evangelicalism, this is a hard thing to accept. Ministry is associated with the recognisable offices of the church, taking place in the community of the church. And for this numerous ...

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Seven Keys for Survival in Ministry (Issue 20)

I confess to a familiarity with the pressure to succeed in ministry. Coming from a so-called 'New Church' perspective, the anxiety over performance, that has been the Achilles' heel of non-conformity in general, is especially acute. Unlike our Anglican counterparts we do not have the security of history. Nor do ...

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