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Paul Beasley-Murray

Is Ministry In Crisis? Ten years ago at the launch of Ministry Today, then known as the Richard Baxter Institute for Ministry, I said: "Christian ministry is in crisis. And yet strangely many church people seem to be oblivious to it. In the last 25 years somewhere between a quarter ...

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Disability - Something Every Minister Should Think About

Faith Bowers

the Baptist Union Initiative with people with Learning Disabilities. Disability is not a rare aberration, although it is often so perceived, but a 'normal' part of the human condition. A minority are born with one or more disabilities (they have a nasty habit of coming in the plural), others become ...

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The Gospel-Driven Church

Ian Stackhouse

Pastoral Leader of Guildford Baptist Church and a member of the Board of Management of Ministry Today The following is a 'discussion starter' given by the author at a seminar during the Christian Resources Exhibition in London during 2004. As such, it is not intended to provide answers, but the ...

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Discord Is Part of Harmony in the Church

Alastair Mckay

Director of Bridge Builders at the London Mennonite Centre. He conducts training in transforming church conflict in the UK and USA and leads mediation processes for Christian churches and members. The paid church administrator had resigned. Rather than filling the vacancy, the leadership team proposed calling someone to a new ...

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Way In: Establishing a successful welcome course, for people in transition

Rob Merchant

Curate at St John's, Harborne Setting the scene When Tamsin and I arrived at St John's, Harborne, Birmingham to start our job-share curacy in 2001, we joined the staff team of a large vibrant church with a long history of witness in the local community. With any church a principal ...

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The Processes That Develop Ministry

Nigel Hardcastle

The most important task I've been in paid Christian ministry since 1972, nearly a third of a century. All that time I have been interested in developing ministry. That includes my own ministry, but arguably my ministry is to develop the ministry of others. If by ministry we mean "Loving ...

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Dream Wedding Days

John Bayes

High Quality, Low Cost Weddings Mission Enabler of the East Midlands Baptist Association In view of the expense involved today in getting 'properly' married, the Revd Dr John Bayes, Honorary Pastor of Calverton Baptist Church, dreams of a time when low cost, high quality weddings could or should become a ...

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The Seventh Day - A Naming Ceremony

Paul Beasley-Murray

Senior Minister of Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford and Chairman of the Board of Management of Ministry Today Many Christian leaders now find themselves ministering, not just in multi-racial environments, but in environments containing a variety of Christian cultures. The author of this short article recently found himself being asked to ...

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'My Way' at Funerals


No, the heading of this article is not about me telling you how I do funerals. Time was when Hedgehog only did about half a dozen funerals per year and most of those were for people from his own congregation. Now he does 25-30 per year and has found himself ...

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Book Reviews

Ministry Today Reviewers

Mission in the Gospels R Geoffrey Harris Epworth Press 2004; 290pp; £17.99p; ISBN 0 7162 0577 7 In recent years there have been a number of books which have examined the role of each gospel writer/compiler in ordering and organising their material for a particular audience and to highlight a ...

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