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Making Cultural Connections - Reshaping Worship for Evangelism in a Missionary Church

Simon Reynolds

The need to respect the background and experience of those who come to explore the Christian faith has become established as a primary foundation of evangelism. The work of the Catechumenate Network, for example, as well as the spin-offs from John Finney's research, have provided local churches in the UK ...

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The Countdown to the Millennium Has Begun!

Paul Beasley-Murray

Only just over 150 days before the next Millennium. The question is: how should we celebrate the Millennium? Needless to say, as Christians we need to ensure that Christ is at the centre. We need to say loud and clear to the world that the Millennium marks the 2000th anniversary ...

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The Changes Life Brings To Us

John Simpson

It's a long haul from the cradle to the grave. There's much to learn, no end of mistakes to make, endless twists in the road and constant change. We recall the youthful, energetic, forays designed to bring in the Kingdom overnight. The world had fewer shades of grey then; the ...

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The Open Book

David Spriggs

(This is the first part of a two part article about the Open Book project. The second half of the article will appear in the October 1999 edition of Ministry Today) Read Part II! The Open Book began life as a 'year of the Bible' to happen prior to the ...

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My Friend, the Diary

Douglas Holt

It's not just that I like everything in triplicate, on the PC and in Filofax form - it's just that if I do not note everything down twice at least, then I don't think about the event or appointment I'm writing in the diary. Making myself keep two diaries (SAY ...

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Sing, choirs of disciples


I love singing. It may be the Welsh blood that courses through my veins, but I have sung since I was a child. I wasn't quite good enough to sing professionally, but I still love singing. But why do we sing in church? After all, I can't find a single ...

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Book Reviews


Speaking of Women, Interpreting Paul Andrew Perriman Apollos (imprint of Inter Varsity Press), Leicester, England; 237; £19.99; ISBN 0 85111 458 X In his introduction Perriman states that the division of opinions over the relation of man and woman and the role of women in Christian ministry is very serious. ...

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