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Paul Goodliff

Baptist Minister, Head of Ministry at the Baptist Union of Great Britain and tutor in Liturgy and Christian Doctrine at the University of Gloucestershire’s Open Theological College

Truth that Never Dies (Issue 64)

Throughout much of the first decade of the 21st century, a feature of the annual Baptist Assembly of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and BMS World Mission was the Dr G R Beasley-Murray Memorial Lecture, honouring the memory of this celebrated British New Testament scholar, particularly associated here with ...

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Approaching Retirement (Issue 57)

Approaching Retirement I am not yet approaching retirement, and I feel I have some years to go before that happy fate arrives, but I have given some thought to this as part of a project to place some material about retirement on the website of the Baptist Union of Great ...

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Anyone Still for Ordination (Issue 50)

This edition of Ministry Today celebrates the 40th anniversary of the ordination of its long-standing founder editor, Paul Beasley-Murray. Many ministers celebrate this significant milestone, but few while still leading a large church and continuing to practise ministry full-time, while anticipating doing so for a while longer. But then, Paul ...

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We want it all, & we want it now? (Issue 39)

For activist pastors, the idea of waiting, of finding ourselves disempowered or helpless is difficult. We want news of how to be successful, how to be present and empowered for ministry. We do not like talk of waiting, we want it now. But any spirituality that is adequate for ministry ...

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Training Ministerial Students in Spirituality (Issue 33)

Head of Ministry for the Baptist Union of Great Britain The Hind Report on theological education has re-envisioned ministerial formation with an emphasis upon the competencies required for effective ministry. In theory these competencies are assessed, but how does one evaluate competency in developing and sustaining a personal spiritual life ...

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The Pastoral Care of Pastoral Counsellors (Issue 23)

The very people who offer pastoral care and counselling to those in crisis face a growing crisis of their own. What does this demanding professional role of pastor, carer or counsellor do to their marriage or how does it challenge their singleness? Is it just a personal impression, or is ...

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Surviving & Thriving in Ministry (Issue 19)

(This article is based on a paper delivered at the Ministry Today Conference at High Leigh Conference Centre on February 29th 2000) The first thing I want to ask is ... What happens when we do not thrive and survive in ministry? The second is ... What causes us to ...

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The Power & the Glory (Issue 3)

Reflections on the Conflicts of Interest Between Local Churches and Church-based Counselling Centres One of the fastest growing developments in local church ministry in the last 20 years is the proliferation of counselling centres and ministries in Britain, mirroring the explosion of counselling in the secular world. From the early ...

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