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Paul Beasley-Murray

The Boring Church Last night I was visiting a couple new to our church. In conversation they mentioned that their son gave up attending church at the age of ten. "Church", he told his parents, "bores me stiff". Sadly that young lad was - and still is - typical of ...

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Forgiveness & Faith: Psychology & Theology in Dialogue

Liz Gulliford

Psychology and Religion Research Programme, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge This paper is adapted from a lecture given at Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford on 5th November, 2003. Introduction The forgiveness of sins is central to Christianity. When we say that "we believe in the forgiveness of sins", do we ...

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Concerts, Cinemas & Centres for Community - What Do You Do With a Redundant Church?

Ian Gregory

Retired congregational minister A large number of churches and chapels built by our predecessors are in the wrong place for all practical purposes today. I have been observing with interest the plea for the glorious Bethesda Chapel in Hanley, Stoke on Trent to be restored to its former condition at ...

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Turning the Church Inside Out

John Smith

Baptist Minister and UK Director of the Evangelical Alliance It was in a copy of Ministry Today that I found this quote, from Victoria Wood: "Church is what you did on Sundays before garden centres." It is a brilliantly perceptive analysis of how many people regard church - as something ...

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Is Suicide a Sin?

Paul Beasley-Murray

Scarcely a month goes by without somebody asking this question in one form or another. This article is the notes of a sermon preached in my church on this subject. Suicide - a major problem The World Health Organization estimates that worldwide approximately one million people die from suicide every ...

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Cloning Jesus

Andrew George

Department of Immunology, Division of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London In the Cathedral of Oviedo in Northern Spain, there is a cloth (the Sudarium) that contains blood stains that are said to have got there when the cloth was used to cover and clean the face of Jesus ...

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A Taste of Heaven?

Author unknown

David Wise Pastor of Greenford Baptist Church, member of the Baptist Union Racial Justice Working Group and council member of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance. This article is a reflection on my sixteen years' experience of pastoring Greenford Baptist Church, a church that has changed from an almost entirely ...

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The Curse Of 'Relevance'

David Wise

Hedgehog Hedgehog is really terribly tired by - and for a long time distinctly bored by - the incessant call for 'relevance'. He seems to have spent his entire ministry hearing it. The trouble is that those who issue the clarion cries seem not to have thought at any depth ...

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Book Reviews

Ministry Today Reviewers

Christology in Cultural Perspective: Marking out the Horizons Colin Greene Paternoster, Carlisle 2003; 434pp; £19.95; ISBN 1 84227 015 X From time to time we need to read substantial books on key topics. Colin Greene, former head of Theology and Public Policy at Bible Society, has written a brave and ...

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