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Faith, Hope & the Global Economy

Author: Richard Higginson
Published By: Inter-Varsity Press (Nottingham)
Pages: 253
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 978 1 84474 580 7

Reviewed by Terry Calkin.

My initial reaction upon reading the title of this book was, “Oh no, not another theologian pontificating on the ills of the capitalist system!” How wrong I was. Higginson’s thesis is a simple one. He believes that “The Christian faith can be a power for good in the global economy when it stimulates enterprise, reduces poverty, promotes integrity, encourages sustainability and fosters discipleship.”

Central to his thesis is the message of hope, a core, but often neglected, virtue of Christianity. He parallels the biblical story with the challenges of modern commerce and develops a convincing argument that Christian faith offers much to counteract the ills of the global economy.

This is a well researched book, written with balance and clarity and will be a worthwhile addition to any pastor’s library. My only criticism is that in one of the final chapters he indulges, in my opinion, in a rather woolly and utopian view of eschatology (and on page 71 Andhra Pradesh is spelled incorrectly).

It is otherwise an extremely readable, valuable and challenging tome.

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