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Derek Fraser

Bereavement Care and Chaplaincy Lead at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge

Strategic Head & Pastoral Heart (Issue 50)

INTRODUCTION The Department of Health, in a paper outlining the role of hospital chaplains, describes their role as “meeting the religious and spiritual needs of patients and staff” (DH 2003). Chaplains are employed by the secular authorities in order to respond to the spiritual and religious needs of a range ...

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Disempowerment & Healing (Issue 37)

Two days ago I returned home after having spent my very first three nights in hospital. Grateful as I am for the care shown to me, I confess that I returned home questioning one aspect of that care, namely: is disempowerment a necessary part of the healing process? In one ...

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Chaplaincy Reflections (Issue 17)

Stories abound of bishops who, struggling to place 'difficult' clerics in positions where they would do least damage, eventually decide on chaplaincy as a suitable place to lose the poor unfortunate. For a long time, I had thought of chaplaincy as an exclusively Anglican domain with a high ratio of ...

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