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Alistair Ross

Theological Reflection & the Management of Stress (Issue 5)

The scenario is uncomfortably familiar. The doorbell that doesn't stop ringing, the incessant sound of the telephone, the mounting piles of paper on the study floor, the rushed devotions ('If Billy Graham can manage on five minutes prayer, so can I'), the awareness of the unmet needs of hurting people, ...

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Prophetic Evangelism (Issue 3)

Alistair Ross talks to Father Pat Lynch, founder of the Sion Catholic Community for Evangelism and author of Awakening the Giant AR. Could you say a bit about yourself and how you came to be an evangelist in the Roman Catholic Church? PL. I am a bona-fide Roman Catholic priest ...

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Abuse in the Church (Issue 1)

Anne Townsend spends much of her time listening to those who have been abused, often by leaders within the church. As a consequence she has co-written Hidden Treasure, its message much needed by the church. The question explored here is, What do we do when we discover abuse in the ...

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